Training and Education

HortiTech offers training programs based on both theoretical knowledge and practical experience, the key to successful training programs.

Depending on the type of training you require, we can make a tailored program fitted to your needs. This can vary from two weeks of theoretical training to three months of combined theoretical and practical training.

The theoretical part contains elements of horticultural technology, cultivation methods and business management. We have developed a complete overview of all relevant theoretical topics from you can make your selection. The wide selection of topics allows you to train for various different processes in your greenhouse. The practical side of our training programs will train you to apply your theoretical knowledge to practical situations. Understanding the theory behind the process is the first step, applying it to the process to control it is the next one.

Practical experience is gained by letting the trainees do an internship at Dutch growers. The selection of a Dutch grower is based on the preference and the needs of the trainees. The trainees will learn why certain activities take place in the greenhouse.

When certain theoretical subjects are being discussed during theory part, those subjects will be used during the practical days as well. That way, trainees learn theory and afterwards see that theory in practice.

Greenhouse Practical Training

In our training programs we schedule part of the week for practical training in a greenhouse. The crop choice will be determined with the client, and a suitable grower will be matched. The trainee will train in the greenhouse, guided by the grower and managers of that greenhouse. Each day the trainee will spend a few hours with the grower to learn and ask questions. The grower will explain all principles of the greenhouse to the trainee, such as climate control, controlling fruit and head setting of the plant, anticipating on the forecast weather conditions, integrated pest management, energy management, plant maintenance and labour management. The trainee will spend the remainder of the day in the greenhouse, looking for verification of what the grower said. Knowing, looking, smelling and feeling the plants in the greenhouse is a major step in creating ‘green fingers’. One must realise however, that creating the ‘green finger’ feeling is a very long process, that took Dutch growers several years to achieve. This training program will help the trainee get a better understanding of all tasks involved in the greenhouse.

Theoretical Training

This overview shows the subjects per category. Each training program consists of several subjects, determined by the client. Each topic can be trained up to a certain level that determines the length of the training. Based on the selected topics and the level you want, a tailor made program can be made.

These theoretical training subjects can be combined with practical training modules, so the theoretical knowledge can be applied in practice.

Training overview